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The Bewildering Call of God – Morris Isiguzo

Categories: Principles,Stories

Anniv63“…and all things that are written by the prophets concerning the Son of Man will be accomplished.”…But they understood none of these things… —Luke 18:31, 34

It all started in December 31st 2012, when I decided to give my life to Christ. I went to church that very night and I made a solemn vow to God that I will be close to Him more than I have ever been before. I promised God that I will  continue to renew the vow every year. I started attending church activities and programs. My relationship with God continue to develop and and I noticed that I could not do those things I usually do before, for instance going to club, drinking etc.

In 2013, at the eve of the new year, I wanted to renew my vow to God but it appears I have not found anything I will use to make vow again to God instead,  I continue to ask for mercy and grace of God as my journey of faith continues.

In April 1st 2013, I and my wife traveled to Tampere to visit her grandparents. Unfortunately her grandmother was  ill and  hospitalized,  so we went to see her at the hospital and when we were there I saw other sick old people who were helpless. I then said to God that had it been I have the power I could have laid hands on these sick people and they would be healed. Little did I know the plan of God. The sight of these helpless sick people hunted me and remained in my memory for quite sometime. I was  having intense spiritual dialogue with God  about their situation. I knew from (Mark 16:17) that God is all powerful and that it is possible to lay hands upon the sick and they will recover. So I was meditating on this verse. The thought  was really strong  and I could not stop thinking about them even as I tried.  On that very night of 1st April 2013, this situation I witnessed at the hospital caused me physical weakness and I was forced to go to bed early.  But the sleep was interrupted around 1 am when I received a phone call and after that I became restless and could not fall asleep again.

At this moment, I started meditating again with the word of God as I usually do whenever I feel restless. The key issues in my meditation were about the potency of God’s powers and the gift of speaking in tongues. I was really in deeper in thought and  I felt I was in trance. Something strange overshadowed me. I became afraid but  I heard a soothing voice that said I should prepare to expect more of these experiences. In awe, I started praying and asking for God’s protection because I felt the encounter was not ordinary . Then I heard another voice that said , “Fear not, I have given you protection, a pillar of light that will follow you.” I opened my eyes and saw something like a pillar of light by my side. Then I felt something different about myself but I could not really explain what that feeling was but I know I was renewed in spirit. The whole night was full of abnormal things. The fear of this encounter with God left me restless that I could not sleep again. I decided to read my bible to meditate in the word of God.

The next morning, I thought I should keep this encounter to myself because I didn’t understand what it meant but I could not contain it. I called one of my friends to share the spiritual encounter and he told me: “I believe that  God has visited you. You are anointed and from now on you will start to experience things and also hear from God.”

I also called my mother and told her what happened to me and she was screaming and praising God that now God can take her life if He so wishes as she has lived to witness the prophecy that was given to her since I was a child that I will be a messenger of God. It was then that my mother shared some mystery that surrounded my birth with me, she told me that  devil tried so many ways to destroy me right from the womb but God had always protected me because He wanted to use me for a purpose.

Within that week, strange things were happening in my life, I started to experience things that I could not explain. I even told my wife one day that it appears that I am about to go crazy (1 Cor 2:14). The following events took place as noted:

  • On Sunday 7th of April 2013, at 6:20 pm in the church in the presence of many people, under the ministration of Babatunde that the Holy Ghost came upon me and I began to speak in tongues and receive power (Act 1:8)
  • 8th of April 2013 I went on 42 days fasting and praying which lasted from 8th April to 19th May 2013
  • After 8 days fasting spirit of the Lord appeared to me. Been on the 16th of April the spirit of the Lord said I have given you power to uproot, to pull down, to destroy, to throw down, to plant and to build
  • God instructed me to start a ministry and on the 26th of May I made a prayer of inquiry asking God to give me the name of the ministry
  • On the 27th May 2013 at 6 am spirit of the Lord said I should call the name Christian Revival. He gave me instruction on how to start and the things to do. He told me to go to hospitals and minister to the sick ones and also go to prisons to minister the prisoners there

”I have put truth in your mouth, go and tell my people the truth.”

On 1st June we started with five adults and three children. But today God has increased us in number.

Within this one year God has answered and showed his mighty works through testimonies and souls that have been revived, for instance under my ministration a womb that was shifted was restored back to normal, a lunatic girl received her healing far away in Tanzania through phone call and many more.

All these wondrous works were inspired by God and Him alone is worthy of our praise. God bless each and everyone of us in Jesus name, Amen.



Author: Christian Revival Movement

3 Responses to "The Bewildering Call of God – Morris Isiguzo"

  1. Favour
    Favour Posted on April 23, 2015 at 11:42 pm

    God is indeed faithful… May God continue to empower you through this great journey.Amen

  2. Rev.M.Petergeorge
    Rev.M.Petergeorge Posted on May 30, 2015 at 9:18 am

    Dear glory to god

  3. Stanley J.van Wyk
    Stanley J.van Wyk Posted on August 1, 2016 at 10:17 am

    Hallo Pastor Morris.

    I am Stanley van Wyk from South Africa. The senior pastor/Apostle and founder of the Christian Revival Movement here in South Africa. Im glad to reed from you and hope we meet one day.

    May the good Lord bless and keep you for many years.
    God bless you and your family.

    From Apostle SJ van Wyk
    South Africa.
    Phone 0533531395
    Sell 0732486775