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Rules and Principles


We, the members of Christian Revival Movement of Klaneettitie 12, 00420 Helsinki, Finland, do hereby declare and establish this constitution to preserve and secure the principle of our faith and to govern the body in an orderly manner, to maintain the autonomy of this ministry in freedom of action in relation to other churches and organizations.


Article One : NAME

This body shall be known as the CHRISTIAN REVIVAL MOVEMENT located at Klaneettitie 12, 00420 Helsinki, Finland.


To be a dynamic spiritual organism empowered by the Holy Spirit to communicate the Good News of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ with as many people in our ministry, community and throughout the world. Which is the mission of this ministry?

To engage in worship and fellowship, experiencing an awareness of God, recognizing his person and responding in obedience to his leadership, to experience an increasingly meaningful fellowship with God and fellow believers, to help people experience a growing knowledge of God and man. To be a ministry that ministers unselfishly to persons in the community and the world in Jesus name. To be a ministry whose purpose is to be christlike in our daily living by emphasizing total commitment of life, personality and possessions to the lordship of Christ?


We affirm that the Holy Bible is God’s revelation to mankind and that is inspired by God, it is without error(in the original manuscript), it is an accurate record of history and future of mankind and that it depicts the birth, life, death and the resurrection of Jesus. We regard the scriptures of the Holy Bible as authoritative in all matters, practice and principles.


We affirm that our primary purpose is the communication of Good News of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ to all persons as stated in Romans 1:6-16


The government of this ministry is vested in the body of the believers who comprise it, owing allegiance only to its head and founder, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Persons duly received by the members shall constitute the membership. These members shall be individuals who have in common with the members their spiritual union with the Lord Jesus Christ and their agreement on the principle of faith contained in this document. These members, so bound together, regard one another as having equal rank and privileges as well as equal responsibility and obligation in fulfilling the purpose of this ministry as stated in Galatians 3:26-28.

All internal and external groups created and empowered by this ministry action under authority of this constitution.

At the same time, this body recognizes the rightful place of the state and pledges itself to the support of federal, state and local government in accordance with Romans 12:1-7 and 1 Peter 2:13-17

The auditors of this ministry comprise of two persons and their terms of office are one year.

The accounting period is going to be on Annual basis which is once a year according to ministry plans and program.


This ministry is subject to no other civil or ecclesiastical body. However, we recognize the benefits and sustain the obligation of mutual cooperation, which are common among churches/ministry.

We will reject someone after the first and second admonition reprimand, Titus 3:9-10

We will withdraw our self from anybody with a corrupt mind and destitute of the truth, who suppose that godliness is a means of gain 1 Timothy 6:5

Any officer or board member may be removed from the office by the voters assembly by a two third majority ballot vote, in Christian and lawful order, for one of the following reasons: persistent adherence to false doctrine, scandalous life, willful neglect or inability to perform the duties of the office.

Article Seven: AMENDMENTS

This constitution may be amended in a properly convened meeting of voters assembly by majority of all voting members present, provided the proposed change has been announced in a previous meeting or has submitted in writing at least two weeks prior to the meeting to all communicants members.


There shall be no worship, education, service by the members or fellowship conducted which is in conflict with this constitution. The ministry shall not conduct any business traction contrary to the constitution.

Any member or leader of this ministry who violates either the law of God, the law of the Government or in any way defrauds any one commits this acts as an individual and not as a member of this ministry. This ministry will not take part in this violation and will not accept responsibility as a co-operate body for any infractions of the laws of the government or decency by any member. We do however, recognize that our responsibility to carry on a ministry of reconciliation and restoration according to the holy scriptures (Col,1:20;2Cor,5:18) The purpose of corrective biblical ministry discipline are the reconciliation and restoration of the offending parties (Gal,6:1), to encourage the offender to make the proper restitution to those who have been wronged (Mat,5:24), to reunite the body of Christ in cases where divisions has been caused (Phl,1:27,28), to protect the immature believers from the confusion of false teaching contrary to the scriptures (Titus,1:9-11,Jude 3), and to bring offenders to a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ (James 5:9,10).

All rules, regulations, by laws and policies previously approved, if any, by this ministry, in conflict with this constitution are each and all hereby repealed, set aside and superseded.

This constitution shall be and is, hereby established as the sole ‘constitution’ for this ministry. No rules, regulations, bylaws or policy may be established which conflict with this constitution.


Having been led, as we believe, by the Spirit of God to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord and on the profession of our faith, having been baptized by immersion in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit, we do now in the prescience of God and this assembly, most solemnly and joyfully enter into covenant with one another as one body in Christ.

We engage, therefore, by the aid of the Holy Spirit to walk together in Christian love, to strive for the advancement of this ministry in knowledge, holiness and comfort; to promote its prosperity and spirituality; to sustain its worship, ordinances, discipline and doctrine; to contribute cheerfully and regularly to the support of this ministry, the expenses of the ministry and the relief of the poor and to the spreading of the gospel through all nations.

We also engage to maintain family and private devotions; to religiously educate our children; to seek the salvation of our kindred and acquaintances; to walk circumspectly in the world; to be zealous in our efforts to advance the kingdom of our Savior.

We further engage to watch over one another in brotherly love; to remember one another in prayers: to aid one another in sickness and distress: to cultivate Christian sympathy in feeling and Christian courtesy in speech; to be slow to take offense, but always ready for reconciliation and mindful of the rules of our savior to secure it without delay.